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Blaxland Lofts

We have youngsters for sale $1000 each including freight , they are double grandchildren of Legendary Wild Wind producer of 6 generations of winners in England .   All vaccinated for PMV and pigeon pox. These pigeons are already winning in Australia.

Blaxland Lofts currently has the following

who have spared no expense in obtaining the best stock they can find . 

28 top 30 SAHPA place Performance birds in stock.

6 x 2 nd SAHPA

5 x 5th SAHPA

1 x 8th SAHPA

2 x 10 th SAHPA

Parents of these birds in stock as well.

Families consist of :

Greg Hamilton pigeons

Van loons families from John Cock , Greg Hamilton , Tim Fawcett

Van Hee families from Ponderosa

Den Haans from Ponderosa and Dennis Saunders Tas

The very best of South Australia blood including the best collection of Goodgers in Australia

The very best from Warren March (Seasue lofts)

Plus the very best of Mount Jackson lofts

Race Teams 50 dollars a youngster no order too small or large , plus freight . 50% deposit will be required to book your race team , no pedigrees given. If you want performance birds come and get it.

We have youngsters for sale out of Pauly imported from Premier Stud UK  (Albert Derwa) 250 dollars each. Below are two of his grandparents .

Pauly Imported Derwa Cock

Scotty Sire of clocks birds 500 mile 2017 & 2018 and numerous others.

Red Man Best Bird Rockhampton North Route 2014

MR BING Sire and Grand sire to some MJL best long distance birds

Ella Bella 700 mile winner and Dam 3rd Qld 10000 2017