2018 results

Taree 5000 OLR

Sprint 1 Results Monday 6th July 100km
3 AU 17 ROCK 2077 06.08.2018 11:20:33,3 JACKSON Joe

Sahpa K & A Roberts

The below cock is out of Mr Bing (all Moyle blood) x Koopman out of Match box dream and Find the hope cock .

Race: Hawker Verco 20 bird series 330km (HAV ) 21/07/2018   Owners:  61   Birds:  856

ROBERTS K & A PARAH  1676.453 325.62313515 PRF17 BBC 3:14:14 

Race: The Twins 5 Bird Special 620km (TT5 ) 01/09/2018   Owners:  85   Birds:  389 

37 ROBERTS K & A PARAH  1229.179 625.18113515 PRF17 BBC 

WPF Victoria Saggers Brothers and M & M Saggers

The below pigeon is a Gabby x Kruger

NARROMINE - 6th October, 2018FEDERATION-COMBINED SERIES995.072B/Chq H PRF17-1351036


The below pigeon is out of Deweerdt Hen that flew Wilcannia for MJL 700 miles . Put to a Joe Schembri Deweerdt.

WEST WYALONG - 2nd September, 2018FEDERATION-COMBINED SERIES1136.285B/Bar H ROCK-17-212728


The below pigeon clocked twice is Kliene Figo Bosua x Rayeart Vandersan / Gabby

NARRANDERA - 28th July, 2018

EventDistanceVelocityPar TimeBird DetailsPlacePointscore
FEDERATION-COMBINED SERIES389,4241512.91400:16:19B/Bar Pied H RPC-17-213523FEDERATION
SUNSHINE389,4241512.91400:01:19B/Bar Pied H RPC-17-21353SUNSHINE
WEST SECTION389,4241512.91400:04:40B/Bar Pied H RPC-17-21355WEST SECTION

CONDOBLIN PRODUCE - 16th September, 2018

EventDistanceVelocityPar TimeBird DetailsPlacePointscore
FEDERATION-COMBINED SERIES579,206938.16501:02:45B/Bar Pied H RPC-17-213537FEDERATION
WEST SECTION579,206938.16500:53:20B/Bar Pied H RPC-17-21353WEST SECTION
SUNSHINE579,206938.16501:01:45B/Bar Pied H RPC-17-21354SUNSHINE

 Brent Cavil SCF and RPI

The same pigeon here clocked twice Gabby x Hard Kruger

Sale - 12th August, 2018Sale Race 11652.289B/Chq C RIPA-16-19817

Port Whelspool - 25th August, 2018RPI National.651.959B/Chq C RIPA-16-19816

Peter Duscha

gets 5th QPF Bowen 6th October with a Jackson Hofken 949 kms @ 1008 m/m B/Bar NRPC 15 767 hen.

2017 results

3rd Club 800 miles Griffith 9 birds home second and third day


Mount Jackson Lofts Crowned East Coast Champion for a second time

3rd Qld 10000 main event gaining 1000 dollars in prize money also same pigeon 22nd in lead up race Emu Park and 10th Agnes Water first lead up race. This year was exceptional hard. 

5th Taree 5000 lead up race . 

Solid performances in Adelaide Pigeon Club gaining 1000 dollars in prize money .

2016 results 

“Figs” 751 NRPC 15 BB hen best bird in GC 50000 for MJL


 RIZE MONEY TOSS 9 100km         26.08.2016 11:06:00         13th       1460.814 m/min      100 km

PRIZE MONEY TOSS 8     16.08.2016 10:45:00         13th       1542.892 m/min                  100 km

PRIZE MONEY TOSS 7     01.08.2016 10:11:00         22nd      1306.762 m/min                   100 km

PRIZE MONEY TOSS 3     11.07.2016 11:20:00         18th       969.645 m/min                     60 km

PRIZE MONEY TOSS 1     06.07.2016 10:56:00         10th       1080.653 m/min                50 km

Toss 21 04.07.2016 13:35:00         18th       989.813 m/min                                                40 km

Toss 20 01.07.2016 13:21:00         5th         980.953 m/min                                              40 km


SCF  results 692 NRPC 15 who was

3rd Fed SCF for Aidan Cavil 1st Dapto Homing Club 336 kms 956.684 m/m


Dash for Cash Winner Far North 13 FNQ 15 BC Hen

For Peter Jelts  from Mackay for CCRPC  519 kms  1510.354 m/m winning 800 dollars for MJL.

2nd 700 miles with Wanda Wilcannia 710 miles 

Ripa results 2015

Forbes 700 miles

Open 1st club & Combine 

in record time

Coonamble 540 miles

Open 3rd club and combine

Toowoomba 300 miles

Open 2 x 3rd club and combine

Childers 170 mile

Open 3rd club 

Single Bird derby 2nd Club

Benaraby 90 mile 

Open 1st club and combine

OLR 2015

3rd East coast Championship for Gympie 10000 and Taree 5000

6th, 11th and responsible for 2nd place main event

Gympie 10000.

Also couple top 10 results leading up to main event Gympie 10000. 

Brent Cavil 2015

8th and 23rd Fed SCF 

with "Survivor" 937 NRPC 13 BCP , flown two years and flown 17 races this year. 

Scott Frame Racing 2014

 2-8-2014 Scott won 1st Fed Banana 378 kms with 210 Highfields 2012 Blue Bar Hen a daughter of a Jackson Koopman bred outta Ego Lad and Match Box Dream. Father of 210 was a Gommaire Verbruggen. 210 was also equal 2nd Fed the week before 26-7-2014. Very few birds home in Fed


 26-7-2014  Scott won 2nd Fed Banana 378 kms with 297 Highfields 13 BB cock , bred out of a Gabby Cock to a Hen bred by Mount Jackson Lofts that flew well for him in 2013, and bred outta my Pearson (Night Flyer from 560 mile winning by 8 hours) to the Cardwell Hen from the hard North.


One loft racing 2014


 Confirmation from Taree 5000 and Gympie 10000

(3/11/14)East Coast Champion results below; Joe Jackson comes out on top.


Gympie 10000

Toss from Burrum Heads 02/07/2014 (103 Klms)

5th, 6th and 9th out of 500 plus birds

Toss from Burrum Heads 07/07/2014

3rd out of 500 plus pigeons

first lead up race  20-7-2014

3rd place Agnes Waters 200 km 464 birds




RIPA North 2014


Won Prosperpine 367 kms Open  Rocky combine 18-8-2014 by 44 m/m


Won Ripa Three bird Derby Ayr 527 kms only Derby Bird on the day .


3 x 2nds 1 x 3rd against 2 clubs Rocky


SAMDPR results 2013-2014

Hot spot race 2, 156 kms / 96.93 miles,  27th November 2013.

Gonna Be late for Tea was 2nd Australian Bird out of 240 birds, 97th World 4065 birds.


Hot spot race 3, 224kms / 139.19 miles , 7th December 2013.

Allen was 2nd Australian bird out of 239 birds, 120th World 4092 birds.

Gonna Be late for Tea was 4th Australian Bird and 181st World.


Gonna be late for Tea is bred out of a National Lofts Koopman to a Daughter of Ego lad and Match Box Dream.


Allen is bred out of Flash Lorris and a Daughter of Find the Hope.




2013 Results


 Jamie Ennis ran 8th with Magambo  in the first GC 50000 race 130 kms on the 28th July against 530 birds ,  this pigeon is all Jackson Koopman


Scott Frame from the TDPF won the Open Fed race against 1258 pigeons from Nebine Creek 506 kms in 1252.61 m/m on the 10th August with 4 pigeons in the drop, including No. 37 Highfields 2012 Blue Bar Pied Hen bred by Mount Jackson Lofts out of a son of "Find the Hope" and "Match Box Dream" Koopmans to Eromanga Queen  (Gabby x Houben) . Well done Scott. This hen also home in good time from Thargomindah 500 miles 800 kms , being Scott Frame second bird home.


On the 28th September Scott Frame won 2nd Fed from Thargomindah with MEALY C HIGHFIELDS 2012-0049, only 4 day birds. Well done Scott Frame. This Cock is out of "Sue" The Wickham hen cross with "Hussie" double club winner for me.


Starting with 56 birds. I Flew with the RIPA Inc, highlight winning Wandoan 300 kms

Flew a small team and did a test flight from Walgett 780 kms on my own , winning Hen 29 MJL 12 BB doing 1607 m/m which was a daughter of Wild Devil and Desmond. A two year brother BB 38 MJL 11

won RIPA Wandoan race as well.


On the 24th August , the RIPA Inc club flew Condoblin 700 miles , I clocked No. 60 MJL 12 Red Cheq Hen to take 4th club, which is a daughter of my second Pigeon home No 24 MJL 11 Mealy Cock. No 60 is a granddaughter of "Sue" to "Hussie" (which are the parents of No 24 and also a full brother to Scott Frame 2nd Fed from Thargomindah ) and "Find the Hope" to a Daughter of Ian Howard Innisfail Winner.

2012 results

Flew with the new NRPC, highlight winning Goondiwindi 360 miles.


Scott and Leigh Frame from Toowoomba District Pigeon Federation

Won 2nd Fed Tambo 18-8-2012 636 kms vel 1262 m/m with Blue Chequer Hen 2011 RIPC 713 bred by Mount Jackson Lofts.

2011 results


This year was my year off , but still managed some results around the traps including my own. 


Conducted event from Birdsville , results to be advised when in. stay tuned.


Flew head wind race 510 mile race with Ray Jennings from Eromanga . Clocked birds on second day to tie.


ARS syndicate clocked a Mount Jackson breed Hen from Goondiwindi 685 miles, only two birds home late second day.



2010 Results


Special Combine between Sunshine Coast and Rockhampton Flyers from Yass 807 miles . Only 4 birds home from event, 3 belonging to myself and one to Ray Jennings. "Proud 10" which is pictured in My pigeons page is the first pigeon ever to fly over 800 miles into Rockhampton after 100 years of racing pigeons in the area , it is a very special achievement.

RRPC inc

Flew in two clubs RIPA and RRPC inc, totally 30 members. Runner up in the Club Championship RRPC inc to Larry Pearson. Was running 2nd in the Club Championship and Long Series in the RIPA before the last race I flew  from Goondiwindi with the RIPA.

2010 Long Series Race Champion  RRPC inc.

1st Coonabarabran Open 560 miles RRPC inc , hard race , won by 8 hours , only two birds on the day , both in the night and belonging to myself.

2nd 5 Bird National RRPC inc  with my second bird timed, should have won by 8 hours with my first bird.

1st Moree Open 420 miles , easy race.

1st Three Bird Derby RRPC inc from Moree 420 miles .

5th Breeders plate Goondiwindi RRPC 350 miles

2nd Goondiwindi  Open 350 miles.

1st Wandoan Open 200 miles.

3rd Cracow Open 110 miles

1st Kianga Open 90 miles

1st Kianga Open 90 miles

2nd Jambin Open 60 miles



2nd Goondiwindi Open 350 miles

7th , 8th and 9th RIPA Breeders plate Goondiwindi 350 miles

2nd Moonie Open 300 miles

3rd Moonie Open 300 miles

1st Red Bird Classic 250 miles

2nd Condamine 2 Bird Derby 250 miles

3rd Wandoan Open 200 miles

2nd Wandoan Open 200 miles

1st White Bird Classic Cracow 110 miles


2009 Results  


Flew One loft Races in Taree Invitational 5000 and Gympie (QLD 10000), gaining 8th Place Overall Australia against some of Australia's best fanciers.  


Flew in the RIPA club North Series against 18 flyers. Runner up club Championship and runner up

 Long Series as well behind Noel Ballinger , also equal short Series Champion with Arthur Arnold.

2nd Cardwell 727 kms Open

3rd Marlborough 86 kms Open

2nd Ayr Breeders Plate 514 kms, winning over 2 000 dollars

3rd Guthalungra 469 kms Open

3rd Marlborough 86 kms Open

1st Marlborough 86 kms Open

3rd Cross Roads 238 kms Open

2nd Clarke Creek 150 kms Open


2008 Results


Competed in One Loft Races Taree 5000 and Gympie 10 000, gaining 8th Place overall Australia. Won Second Place Gympie 10 000 Main Event winning nearly 3000 dollars.


Flew with the RIPA club South. Should have won Club champion , but flew a Private race with Gympie Fanicers 640 miles , homing pigeons in a very hard conditions.  Won the long Series with the RIPA out racing the last Race .


2nd Moree Open 669 kms

1st Goondiwindi Open 572 kms

1st , 2nd and 5th Goondiwindi RIPA Breeders Plate, winning over 1500 dollars.

1st Moonie Colored Bird race 483 kms

1st Moonie Open race 483 kms

1st Condamine Open 397 kms

1st Condamine Two Bird Derby 397 kms

3rd Condamine Open 397 kms

2nd Wandoan Open 311 kms

2nd Jambin Open 94 kms

3rd Cracow Single bird Derby 198 kms 

3rd Kinga Quarry Open 155 kms

2nd Jambin 93 kms Open


 2007 Results


 Competed in the Mallee Classic One loft  race, gaining 3rd over all Ace Pigeon Australia and 2nd overall Ace Pigeon QLD.


Club Champion, Long Series Champion, and runner up short Series Champion RIPA South down the Coast against 15 flyers.


3rd Gunnedah 845 kms Open

3rd Warwick 557 kms Open

3rd Warwick 557 kms Open

3rd Maryborough 322 kms Open

1st Maryborough 322 kms Open

2nd Childers Coloured Bird 276 kms

2nd Childers Open 276 kms

1st Bororen Open 141 kms

3rd Bororen Open 141 kms

2nd Cooroy Open 422 kms

1st Maryborugh Open 322 kms

3rd Maryborough Open 322 kms

3rd Bororen 141 kms Open

2nd Bororen 141 kms Open

2nd Benarby 113 kms Open

1st Benarby 113 kms Open


Also ran 3rd , 4th and 5th in the RRPC inc Breeders Plate.